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If you care about kids, communities, and the whole city... If you enjoy the cultural arts of Houston and the surrounding region... If you think new communication technology empowers youth voices and helps media creators change the world... If you think Houston can build a leading international educational institution... We want you to take a look at the great things we are doing and join our efforts. There are many ways you can help us make a real difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people. Our efforts will magnify to serve hundreds of thousands of people in the next ten years and develop a reputation for Houston as one of the world's great cultural centers.

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Houston Institute for Culture provides excellent youth programs in addition to its city-wide events, traditional arts events, media arts programs and community resources. Youth programs include: Students for a Better Houston, Media Makers, Youth Voices, our newest programs Houston Cool and Girls Excel, and many more.

Houston Institute for Culture 10 Year Anniversary

The Houston Museum of Culture will interest all Houstonians, who see themselves as diverse cultures living in one great city - Houston, where they want the best possible futures for their children. It will define the most fascinating and important region of the U.S. for visitors from around the world.

Support for the Houston Museum of Culture will help these important Houston Institute for Culture programs carry on and grow in the future:

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Houston Museum of Culture

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Lone Star Music Festival at Discovery Green

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