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Founder and Advisory Board Member Invitation

We are seeking Founders and Founding Advisory Board Members for a major new museum of international prominence - the Houston Museum of Culture.

Our approach to the founding of the museum is new and very different from the founding of major institutions of the past. Rather than a small set of founders, we are seeking involvement from a broad cross section of all Houston communities. And we are interested to involve people from beyond Houston as well, who may have ties to the city or who find the city and region interesting.

The museum will accomplish many major objectives for Houston, particularly in the way Houstonians and people around the world understand the city, and in the many positives changes that the museum will bring to the city. From most all perspectives, the museum will provide great benefits to the people of Houston and achieve the goals of many civic and academic institutions. It will serve a critical role in education about diverse cultures and lifeways, and it will bring greater support from within the city and from visitors to the city for the vast cultural resources of Houston - increasing attendance and support for all museums, cultural centers and activities.

The museum will present informative and entertaining exhibits and interactive forums on the broad range of subjects that influence our ways of life, from technology and media, languages and religions, to music and cultural arts. It will not be limited to any single identity, belief or artform, but its purpose will be to examine them all and bring understanding to the dynamic, multi-dimensional relationships of people in our city and world.

From anthropology to future studies and most all academic fields in between, the Houston Museum of Cultural will be the first major institution to provide a public forum for the important work taking place in our regional universities. It will present the interests of the region's historians and community advocates. And it will host major, international touring exhibitions.

The Houston Museum of Culture will serve as a hub for the many cultural resources of the city, as it builds greater interests for residents and tourists, and encourages more participation in arts and education across the city. Through community and academic involvement the museum will launch major touring exhibits. Along with the multitude of local forums and demonstrations, it will host national conferences on international relations and education.

The museum is extremely timely. As our world has changed significantly over the past century, changing more rapidly with each passing decade, isolated geographic influences that formed our unique cultural identities and beliefs in the past have been replaced by more modern, global influences. Technology and electronic media have forever changed our communication methods, livelihoods and traditional arts. Energy, food, occupations, economic issues and mass migration of people are strongly rooted in our consciousness today as major factors in our quality of life. The Houston Museum of Culture will be at the forefront of interpreting our past ways of life, defining our cultural influences today and examining the possibilities for a positive future.

With its diversity and the dynamic relationship of its arts and industries, which impact the ways of life of communities around the world, Houston is the ideal city to establish such a visionary project. Learn more about the many benefits of the Houston Museum of Culture at:

Fifty Founders

The Fifty Founders campaign seeks fifty individuals, organizations and businesses to be the founders of the Houston Museum of Culture. In addition to academic departments and professional organizations, we plan to involve arts groups and student organizations. Founding contributions are moderate and are set at appropriate levels to make this involvement accessible for most everyone. Contributions toward the founding goal are cumulative and may be made monthly. Individuals contributing $125 (students and seniors), $250 (individuals) or $500 (families) may make recurring monthly donations of $12.50, $25 or $50. The most important goal of this stage is to involve all communities and spread out the early fundraising needs to place little burden on individuals and communities. For example, a professional organization could host a bowling tournament (using a very basic fundraising pledge model, i.e. supporters pledge 10 cents per pin), where average donations of $10 by 100 individuals will add up to the $1,000 founding contribution. An arts or music group could organize a performance or art auction as a fundraiser. A student organization could plan a bake sale or car wash to raise $500. An academic department may ask its faculty for small contributions. All contributors to the founding effort will be credited.

To ensure the larger donations asked of businesses serve a mutual benefit, their founding contributions have the added bonus of sponsorship of major festivals (events which promote or raise awareness of the museum). $1,000 sponsorship each of three museum outreach events achieves the founding contribution for businesses.

Founders and Founding Advisory Board Members

The three steps to take to establish the Houston Museum of Culture are: be a founder; plan a presentation; and, spread the word. Planning presentations and helping with outreach will help identify founders and supporters in the broader community. Those most actively involved in this effort, Founding Advisory Board Members, will help develop strategy and topical content for the museum.

Founders will be involved in making many key decisions, from the museum's location to the wording of its mission statement. The small donations at the founding level will provide for marketing materials, logistics and staff to facilitate the fundraising stage.

Advisory Board Members - An interested individual may also want to be a Founding Advisory Board Member. This will involve working autonomously to plan and conduct outreach to encourage individuals and organizations to become founders. Through the museum's development and outreach, advisors may establish committees and key relationships as the museum enters the larger fundraising stage. Advisory Board Members may be involved in developing plans for the museum and presenting ideas and possibilities to founders during the decision process. Each Advisory Board Member may have different pursuits due to their varied interests, which is a necessary element of the broad outreach and inclusiveness of the museum.

Special Advocacy Roles - It is important that we look ahead to the content and many needs of the museum. There will be a need for individuals with special interests to facilitate the exploration and inclusion of unique subjects in the museum. This may include food traditions, health impacts of specific ways of life, arts traditions, new communications, and youth and adult themes, such as peer issues in schools or the changing role of women in the workplace. The work of advocates in these areas will be to identify and facilitate groups to work on their area of interest, with the goal to ensure its inclusion in the museum, possibly by developing a prospectus and potential funding, or establishing a friends committee to guide the presentation of the subject.


For more information about how to be a Founder or Advisory Board Member, or to schedule a presentation for a group, please see the website:

Why is it important to Houston?

The Houston Museum of Culture will provide almost immeasurable benefits for Houston and all of its communities, including:

Cross-cultural Experience
The Houston Museum of Culture will raise awareness of Houston as a destination for cultural and educational tourism, based on the significant role Houston plays in the development of many cultural arts and impacts on peoples' ways of life.

Quality of Life
The museum will provide the city and region with highly informative and entertaining exhibits. Educational content will be established to interest all groups, as the museum promotes greater understanding to overcome cultural and generational divides.

Economic Development
The Houston Museum of Culture will attract visitors to the city, increase the attendance of other Houston museums and create jobs in the creative sector of our economy. The addition of a major museum will increase support for all Houston cultural resources.

University Involvement
The museum will offer opportunities for all Houston area universities and their academic fields of study to produce educational content and place it in a public forum. There will be many opportunities for academic experts, artists, curators, exhibit designers and more.

Community Improvement
Outreach programs to serve area communities will be established. Since many of the challenges that communities and student populations face are related to cultural and social issues, the museum will work to provide valuable programs for area communities.

Cultural Resources
The museum will draw content for major exhibits in partnership with many area experts, organizations and archives. The museum will form a greater cohesiveness and extend the impact of these resources to large numbers of Houstonians and visitors.

Knowledge and Interests
While Houston has one of the world's most fantastic stories to tell, few Houstonians have extensive knowledge about its significant history. The museum will interpret Houston history and culture to promote greater interest in the city.

Programs for Students
The museum will develop programs that are specific to the needs and interests of students, while bringing awareness about the influences that impact their ways of life. There will be productive, educational activities and opportunities for student affiliate organizations.

Community Development Resources
Through promotion of numerous live events and demonstrations, the museum will develop greater interest and support for educational and quality of life topics, and cultural arts. The museum will have a major impact on Houston's creative economy.

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