Houston Museum of Culture
Prospectus and Plan of Action
  Prospectus and Plan of Action (PDF)

Introduction The founders and supporters of the Houston Museum of Culture will establish a significant museum in the family of Houston cultural institutions.

The Houston Museum of Culture will provide highly informative and entertaining exhibits, and live presentations about the people of the region, their histories, ways of life and cultural identities. The museum will offer insightful exhibits and conferences about cultural influences, including media, religion, language, arts, economics and environment.

The Houston Museum of Culture will join the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Space Center Houston, along with other museums, theatres and parks, to help provide the highest quality of life for people of Houston and the region. The museum will come to rank among the best museums in the nation and the world by utilizing new and innovative techniques to examine human existence and lifeways of people through all stages of the region's development, with an emphasis on the modern American city and the profound changes it has brought to our way of life.

The museum will help visitors look, not only at others, but at the cultural influences in their own lives. It will look at the past, present and future. It will bring to light the city as a social network, and promote civic engagement, sense of community and citizen responsibility.

The Houston Museum of Culture will make immense contributions to education in Houston for all age groups. It will have much-needed positive social impact through greater understanding, as it bridges cultural, social and generational divides.

The museum will have tremendous impact on tourism in Houston, as it explores Houston's fantastic, often underappreciated history. Through the voices of the people, the museum will reveal Houston's symbiotic relationship with the dynamic region it anchors, including the cultural influences of Mexico and New Orleans, as well as its ties to the world through its international populations.

The Houston Museum of Culture is certain to become one of Houston's greatest treasures.

There are opportunities for all Houstonians to contribute to the establishment of the Houston Museum of Culture. Involvement of individuals, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and organizations that share this vision is needed to build the Houston Museum of Culture as a major educational institution to represent Houston's greatest asset - its diverse people; and to achieve its greatest ambition - a positive future.

Get Involved Be a Founder

People from all of Houston's diverse communities will provide a comprehensive vision for the museum and set the founding effort in motion. To be a founder, please complete the form at www.hmoc.org/fifty.

Spread the Word

People of all backgrounds and every imaginable ability are needed to serve as advisors, help spread the word and plan outreach activities. To register as a volunteer, go to www.visionforhouston.org/volunteer.html.

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