Houston Museum of Culture
Who Will the Museum Benefit?

Houston and its Communities

The museum will provide tremendous benefits to the city and region, including education, tourism, and economic and social benefits. By elevating Houston as a cultural destination, and even a historic destination, where Houston's fantastic history and diversity is interpreted and understood, the city will see increased tourism that will benefit most all of its cultural resources and businesses. Even more tangible benefits will be realized through the improved economic and social fabric of the city, where communities have greater appreciation for each other and area students look to a more positive future.

Universities and Faculty

The Houston Museum of Culture will provide a major outlet for the important work that is done by faculty and students in nearly all area universities. The public will benefit from academic topics ranging from anthropology to future studies. As the museum examines everything that influences our ways of life, from entertainment to energy, the Houston Museum of Culture will provide a relevant forum for visitors to understand the past, present and future. Programs may be offered where research and knowledge is applied to address health or social problems that may result from way-of-life issues.

Schools and Educators

The Houston Museum of Culture will work to achieve the success of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which benefits about 500,000 school children each year, largely through school tour groups and activities that appeal to youth. The subject matter of the Houston Museum of Culture will be equally important and will have significant influence in the daily lives of students, as they learn about the lifeways of diverse people and the different cultural influences in their own lives.

Museums and Arts Groups

With a target of two million visitors per year and the potential to be one of the most known museums in the nation, the Houston Museum of Culture will add to the attraction of Houston as a destination for people who are interested in history, culture, social studies, arts and humanities. As Houston will join the ranks of other top cities, the benefit of increased visitation will extend to all of its museums and cultural resources, as well as many entertainment and service industries. The museum's ability to interpret and interest national and international visitors in the cultural life and identity of the region will benefit most all organizations.

Non-profit Organizations

The Houston Museum of Culture will establish a symbiotic relationship with area non-profit and religious organizations. The museum may serve as a hub for the activities of many smaller organizations, which will benefit from access to museum facilities and services, and by being part of the development of informative exhibits and programs. The mosaic of ideas and interests provided by non-profit groups in the region will be critical to the mission of the museum. The work of organizations that work on modern issues or acceptance of diverse religions will be magnified through their participation in museum programs.

Community Advocates

Museum facilities will be open to education conferences and training programs for people who advocate for improvements to communities. A major impact of the museum will be improvement of area communities through cultural and educational program development, which will enable Houston to stand out in the state and nation for its proactive approaches modern issues. From economics and media literacy to understanding the health implications of genetics and traditional diets, the Houston Museum of Culture will be recognized nationally for its visionary facilitation of highly beneficial community advocacy programs.

Consulates and Diplomats

The Houston Museum of Culture will serve the needs of the consular corps in its relationship with Houston communities and possibly diplomatic relations. Houston will utilize its status as an international city to its fullest benefit through the Houston Museum of Culture as it provides the stage for numerous international arts and topical events. The museum's education center facilities will serve the needs of international functions and open the Houston public to greater understanding and concern for the world.

Artists and Authors

Through innovative exhibits and programs, and live presentations, the Houston Museum of Culture will provide tremendous benefits to local and touring artists and authors. Facilities will be specifically designed for exhibits, media presentations, readings and discussions. The museum will provide access for local artists and authors to national and worldwide audiences in the museum, and conversely bring increased numbers of international arts and literature to Houstonians.

Historians and Media Producers

The Houston Museum of Culture will provide a forum and repository for the work of historians from local organizations, businesses and government entities. And through its innovative, modern exhibits, the museum will utilize the talents of media producers in conjunction with curators, and academic and community experts.

Art and Food Vendors

The Houston Museum of Culture will provide outlets for small art and food service vendors to benefit from its audiences. An ongoing market will be open to artists and cultural vendors, while food traditions and preparation workshops will make up part of the museums live demonstrations.

Affiliated Organizations

The Houston Museum of Culture will be affiliated with and work with numerous influential organizations, including UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the Smithsonian, the Consular Corps College, and many more. These connections will bolster Houston's access to great and meaningful programs. There are also opportunities for student affiliate organizations.

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