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Build something great! Be a founder of the Houston Museum of Culture

Visionary Houstonians have the rare opportunity to be founders of the most provident museum in the city's future - the Houston Museum of Culture. Fifty founders will set the course for an international attraction that will define Houston people through their dynamic histories, modern conditions and hopeful futures.

The museum's benefits include:

-Provide greater cross-cultural experience and quality of life for Houstonians
-Help visitors understand the impact of our ways of life on our future
-Give voice to the advocates for regional communities and traditions

-Provide a center to examine and improve formal and informal education systems
-Provide a major public forum for the broad academic work of area universities
-Provide educational tour opportunities for 300,000 area school children

-Promote increased interest in arts, creative expression and cultural activities
-Provide a venue for live arts and humanities workshops and demonstrations

-Interpret the identities and interests of the people of the region and their histories
-Increase appreciation for the region's diverse heritage and historic preservation

-Increase cultural and educational tourism visitors to the city and region
-Improve attendance and support for Houston museums and cultural resources

-Provide programs and facilitation to address cultural and social challenges
-Provide a forum for diplomats and communities to address international issues

-Improve the perception of Houston though an innovative, world-renown museum

As "a living museum about the ways we live," the Houston Museum of Culture will explore cultural influences on our lives, including education, occupations, languages, religions, media, economy, environment, food traditions, music, arts, and more. Exhibits, demonstration laboratories and performance venues, along with a state of the art education center, will examine the modern American city, Houston as an important crossroads in a dynamic region and its interconnectedness with the world.

Through collaborations with Houston communities and universities, as well as national and international institutions, the museum will use informative and entertaining techniques to define humanity, from the study of anthropology and history to the role of modern technology and future studies.

To learn more about how you can help build something great in Houston, please see:

There are additional opportunities to be an advisory board member, spread the word or plan a presentation about the Houston Museum of Culture. To get involved, provide your contact information at:

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Learn more about the Houston Museum of Culture and how you can help
Prospectus and
Plan of Action
The Prospectus and Plan of Action covers the need and potential for the museum, content areas the museum will address and the communities that will benefit, as well as the founding, funding and building stages, and the role of founders.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/plan.pdf

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Additional Reports Does Houston Need Another Museum? Yes, its advantages for Houston's youth and diverse communities are clear in the exciting and imperative educational mission the Houston Museum of Culture will serve. Evidence shows that it will improve the perception of Houston and build support for the city's cultural resources, as it adds a national and international attraction to Houston. And it will have tremendous economic and quality-of-life benefits.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/report/AnotherMuseum.pdf

Read an overview, Who Will the Museum Benefit?

Join the Founding
Advisory Board
Advisory Board Members will determine and establish objectives to reach out to founders through routine communication channels, and through new and innovative approaches.

There are several upcoming opportunities to attend information sessions to help you understand the museum's development plan and its benefits for Houston.

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Be a Volunteer People with every imaginable ability are needed, from media and marketing to Internet and computer skills. To register as a volunteer, go to www.visionforhouston.org/volunteer.html.

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