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Visionary Houstonians have the rare opportunity to be founders of the most provident museum in the city's future - the Houston Museum of Culture. Fifty founders will set the course for an international attraction that will define Houston people through their dynamic histories, modern conditions and hopeful futures.
[Download an Overview and Information for Founders]

The Houston Museum of Culture will rank among the top 20 museums in the nation, based on size and visitation, bringing many significant benefits to Houston. The museum scale and membership, as well as impact on Houston student populations, will be comparable with the existing Houston Museum of Natural Science.

By being a prominent national museum with content and subject matter equal to at least five national parks and monuments, it will develop international attention and provide increased tourism and economic activity for Houston. The Houston Museum of Culture will contribute to increased visitation and support for all Houston cultural resources, including the city's largest museums and all of its smaller institutions.

The museum will serve a great need in Houston by providing knowledge and interpretation of the city, its history and diversity, while improving cross-cultural experience for residents and visitors. It will play a major role in helping Houston rank in polls based on quality of life and cultural attractions; Houston currently rarely appears in the polls, while Dallas, Austin and San Antonio are almost always present. [See "Does Houston Need Another Museum?"]

The museum's subject matter will offer almost limitless possibilities to explore topics related to ways of life in the past, present and future, while inviting participation from all Houston communities and all academic fields of study in Houston universities. Subjects will range from cultural arts, such as Houston's music legacy, one of the richest in the nation, to vast food traditions, and the critical impact of energy and transportation on our ways of life. The city's meteoric rise from nearly impenetrable riparian zone to international prominence, as a city where one in four are immigrants, makes for an incredible story to tell the world, one that involves Galveston - the Ellis Island of the South - as the second largest port of immigration through the Nineteenth century, and the city's name being the first word spoken from the moon.

Museum galleries will present a permanent exhibit about Houston, going all the way back to the lifeways of its first indigenous populations and the second oldest written history in the nation. Additional major galleries will host prominent touring exhibitions, local exhibitions and even launch Houston-produced exhibits for museums around the world. Facilities will include: innovative media presentations; workshop labs for live, interactive demonstrations; venues for food workshops and music presentations; and various theatre venues for recitals, films, book readings and education activities. It will feature an education center, which will host important topical conferences and consular corps activities.

In addition to its phenomenal in-house resources - critical education programs, academic and community collaborations, the highest caliber of cultural arts, innovative exhibits and programs, and worthy entertainment - the museum will launch beneficial programs to improve conditions in Houston communities, by identifying and addressing cultural and social issues faced in schools and neighborhoods.

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Prospectus and
Plan of Action
The Prospectus and Plan of Action covers the need and potential for the museum, content areas the museum will address and the communities that will benefit, as well as the founding, funding and building stages, and the role of founders.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/plan.pdf

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Additional Reports Does Houston Need Another Museum? Yes, its advantages for Houston's youth and diverse communities are clear in the exciting and imperative educational mission the Houston Museum of Culture will serve. Evidence shows that it will improve the perception of Houston and build support for the city's cultural resources, as it adds a national and international attraction to Houston. And it will have tremendous economic and quality-of-life benefits.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/report/AnotherMuseum.pdf

Read an overview, Who Will the Museum Benefit?

Join the Founding
Advisory Board
Advisory Board Members will determine and establish objectives to reach out to founders through routine communication channels, and through new and innovative approaches.

There are several upcoming opportunities to attend information sessions to help you understand the museum's development plan and its benefits for Houston.

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Be a Volunteer People with every imaginable ability are needed, from media and marketing to Internet and computer skills. To register as a volunteer, go to www.visionforhouston.org/volunteer.html.

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