Houston Museum of Culture
Building Blocks to Success: What You Can Do

Be a Founder

As founders of the Houston Museum of Culture, individuals, organizations and businesses will be honored for their significant role in bringing the museum to life for the city and region.

Founders' donation levels are moderate for individuals, organizations and business, making it possible for nearly all Houstonians to participate in the founding of the museum. For individuals, there are donation levels for families, students and those on a fixed income. Organizations may join the ranks of museum founders by planning a fundraising event. They may even want to consider contributing to the sustainability of critical aspects of the museum by making their participation with the museum part of their annual activities. Business sponsorship counts towards founding status. And the donation levels may be cumulative.

To become a founder of the Houston Museum of Culture, please find more information at www.hmoc.org/fifty.

Join the Founding Advisory Board

Founding Advisory Board members will work in a strategic and methodical way to reach out to area communities to build the Houston Museum of Culture and achieve the objectives of the museum's founding. They will develop its mission and vision of what it will provide to the community. People of all backgrounds, with many diverse abilities and talents are needed to serve as founding advisory board members. It is a great honor to play a vital role in building what will become one of Houston's most provident and visionary cultural institutions.

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Be a Volunteer

People with every imaginable ability are needed, from media and marketing to Internet and computer skills. To register as a volunteer, go to www.visionforhouston.org/volunteer.html.

Spread the Word

Networking and outreach is most critical to our effort to garner the widest possible involvement of Houston communities. Let your friends and family know about plans to build the Houston Museum of Culture. Refer people to the future museum's website, www.hmoc.org.

You may send emails using www.hmoc.org/spreadtheword.

Spread the word through your connections in on-line networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you have a Facebook page, you can use a link on the bottom of this page to post it to your Facebook profile and then share it with others by clicking on the "Share" button, which will allow you to send a Facebook message to your friends.

Find Facebook links at www.hmoc.org/fb. Get information to provide to others by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Plan a Presentation

Houston Museum of Culture founders and volunteers will give presentations for university departments, schools, neighborhood and city-wide organizations, businesses, and family and social gatherings. Presentations will cover the prospects and plans for the new museum. We will cover the vital role the museum will play in Houston, the wealth of topical content and activities of the museum, and answer questions. We will explain the key actions people and organizations can take to help make the museum a reality: be a founder or founding advisory board member; and, spread the Word and plan additional presentations.

Plan a Fundraiser

Founders of the Houston Museum of Culture are helping to spread the fundraising efforts out, so that most all people across the city can have a role, rather than limited individuals. A student organization or group of artists may want to be a founder of the museum and can meet its founding goal by holding one or two fundraisers at a campus or art venue to meet its goal as a founder. This is a very helpful way to approach it, because it creates further outreach. But please plan in coordination with the museum founding advisory board members in order to be official and in sync with other activities.

More Ways to Help


In addition to becoming a founder, there are many ways to donate. Donors will be credited publicly in ceremonies and publications, and permanently displayed in the museum for their invaluable role in building the Houston Museum of Culture for all of the people of the city and region.

Secure on line donations can be made through Network For Good.

Donations may be made by check. Mail to: Houston Museum of Culture, Astrodome Station, P.O. Box 20182, Houston, Texas 77225-0182

Donations are tax deductible. This includes all but the cost of any product or service provided back to the donor as a gift. Be sure to include your current contact information.

Be a Sponsor

Sponsorship of outreach and awareness events for the Houston Museum of Culture will count toward the donation required to be a founder. Following the Founding Stage, sponsorship donations will be credited in a separate listing for donors who contribute to the next campaign phase, the building of the museum.

Learn more about sponsorship levels at www.hmoc.org/sponsor.

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